Zero to 6 Months

I honestly cannot believe we are saying goodbye to to six months and entering into month seven. I'm not sure why seven months sounds so old to me but it does. I have to say every month I kept thinking "this is my favorite" but month 6 was pretty amazing! Kinsley had so many milestones.... Continue Reading →

Hello 2019

I can't believe the new year is here. 2018 went by extremely fast. In January we found out we were having a girl and then proceeded all the fun things in order to get ready for the baby to arrive! In June she made her entrance into this world and we became PARENTS! It still... Continue Reading →

Marriage After Baby

My husband was thankfully able to spend about 20 days at home for bonding time once our baby arrived. I was beyond grateful that he was able to spend that special time with us before he had to return back to work. However, I was deeply dreading him not being home with me all day.... Continue Reading →

Beauty in the Pain

Pregnancy is no joke. There are so many changes that happen within your body physically, mentally, and emotionally. No matter how many people you talk to or books you read, there isn't anything that can quite prepare you for pregnancy, labor/delivery, and the newness of motherhood. Pregnancy comes with raging hormones, being uncomfortable, clothes that... Continue Reading →

Here Comes Baby

Today there are so many baby products for us to choose from and to be honest it can become a bit overwhelming. Before my daughter was born I read all kinds of articles, blog posts, and reviews over bottles, swings, bassinets, strollers, etc. Might I add that every baby is different and so what worked... Continue Reading →

Aloha Baby

Upon Kinsley's arrival my mom threw me one of the best showers for our little girl! We had so much fun celebrating her soon coming and I was truly blessed with so many amazing things from family and friends. I was obsessed with the classy version of a Hawaiian baby shower theme. If you're having... Continue Reading →

[date nights]

With Valentines on the horizon, I wanted to share some simple fun ideas that you and your lovey can enjoy! Nick and I love trying new things whether it's a new coffee shop, hotel, or restaurant. Below are some super simple ideas that we have really enjoyed that you can convert to your own! If... Continue Reading →

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