Thanksgiving Tablescape

With only 26 days until Thanksgiving I know many of you have hit the hustle and bustle of wanting your home to be perfect as guest arrive to feast! I wanted to take a minute to share three different tablescape ideas that are easily obtainable for your home. All of these decorations can be found at your local Target, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s.

This first table set is one of my favorites. I purchased these placemats from Michael’s. In the middle of the table I laid three different wood cuts of various sizes to place these pumpkins on that I got from Target and Michaels. I then took Boxwood Garland from Hobby Lobby and wove it around the pumpkins. Add some candles and leaves and ta-da! You are done. IMG_2269

In this tablescape I used a roll of burlap with lace from Hobby Lobby and cut it make into a table runner. I then found this nifty metal serving tray with wood handles from Home Goods to place in the center. I took the Boxwood Garland and laid it in the middle of the tray and then set a few pumpkins on top. This is super easy and looks very cute! 05FBBA45-57A8-486A-B288-E65C49CA137D

Last but not least is probably one of the easiest ideas yet looks so festive. I left my candle sticks on the table and then took a garland of leaves from Hobby Lobby to weave down the middle. I took a few small pumpkins to set on every other side to give it a little more character. ABF49371-CBDE-4197-A03E-FE4B19D0E8C6

I hope this gives you some great ideas for your Thanksgiving table and also shows you that anyone can achieve something like this so don’t think you have to be an extreme decorator to make your home look festive for the Holidays.


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