What to do with your home after Christams

I love all of the decorations that come along with Christmas time. The twinkle of the lights from the tree and garland on the fireplace just make the home feel so warm and cozy. Then Christmas passes and we obviously have to take it all down but does anyone else feel like the house just looks so bare after it’s all put up!? It takes me a little while to get used to how my house looked before it all went up. This year my mother in law gave us a special gift that I fell in love with. It’s a vintage window pane with our last name on the glass and the date we got married. img_3982Needless to say I wanted this piece to be put up front and center on our fireplace.

I ended up getting a few new things to place up next to the window pane and around the fireplace to help fill the space after Christmas.

Here are some of my favorite things that I got and hopefully this can be inspiration for you and your home too!

hobby lobby

One of my favorite places to go for home decor is Hobby Lobby They have everything you could ever want or need and it’s affordable. I always plan it so that whatever I’m looking for will be 50% off and if it’s not that week then I will wait till the next. If there ever is something that you desperately need or maybe it’s an item that doesn’t go on sale you can go to their website and get a 40% off one item coupon. This week their pillow covers are 50% off…. Who can beat a pillow cover for $3!?! I love this, especially for a quick change up in looks for your living room that’s so cheap!


If you ever need a filler on your mantle candle holder do the trick. This listed here are from Target and Nebraska Furniture Mart (the ones I have are from NFM as well).


Last but not least if you need a filler for the bottom of the fireplace my favorite thing is to take a basket and toss in throws or blankets. It gives such a warm and home look plus it’s great storage for all your blankets that are laying in the living room. These 2 baskets and throw are from Target. You could also check out Home Goods, TjMaxx, or Kirklands for something like this as well.

xoxo kendra

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