When your baby and pup meet for the first time

About a year ago we decided to get a little Morkie pup! She was 7 weeks old when we brought her home and she’s been our little baby! However, her love runs thick and she adores having our utmost attention which made us have a few concerns. Nick and I can’t even hug each other without her barking out of jealousy because she wants to be in the hug too. Haha. Comical but as we approach our due date the idea of her and the new baby together is making us just a little nervous. So after a lot of research and talking to many friends, I rounded up a few things that can be done to help this transition.

1. Start letting your dog explore the babies room under your supervision. It’ll be good for them to get a feel for what they can’t touch or be on in that room. (If you have a big dog that’s not allowed in bedrooms then this wouldn’t apply to you.)

2. Get a baby doll! There are so many lookalike real life baby dolls at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, you name it. Carry it around the house or sit in the chair in your nursery so your dog can see your routine and get used to you holding something.

3. Whatever lotion you plan on using start putting it on your hands or arms so your dog can get used to the new scent. I know that in the past if I’ve changed lotions, my dog thinks I taste like a treat and wants to lick me! Once I’ve worn it a few times it doesn’t even seem to phase her.

4. Have someone bring something that the baby has had on to your house before you arrive. This will give your dog an opportunity to sniff out the new smell so that when you arrive your dog will have already gotten a little whiff.

5 thoughts on “When your baby and pup meet for the first time

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  1. I can’t get over how cute these pictures are! This is a great list, I remember bringing our first home to meet her big fur brothers for the first time- their reactions were so sweet!


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