Aloha Baby

Upon Kinsley’s arrival my mom threw me one of the best showers for our little girl! We had so much fun celebrating her soon coming and I was truly blessed with so many amazing things from family and friends.

I was obsessed with the classy version of a Hawaiian baby shower theme. If you’re having a baby shower in the spring or summer this would be perfect for you. Below are all the details of how this baby shower was decorated and became a true success.

img_1575The invitations were created from Canva and then printed at Staples.


The pineapple garland was from Target and we added the pink tassels. Target has so many adorable garlands for all different party themes.


One of my all time favorite decorations were these hula hoops. My mom purchased these at the Dollar Tree and spray painted them gold. She ordered a package of palm leaves from Amazon and then grabbed the balloons at Wal-Mart. Spread the leaves and balloons along the side the hula hoop; hot glue those babies on and Voilà!



The Flowers were purchased from Hobby Lobby and the grass skirts came from the Dollar Tree.



Whats a shower at Brunch time without Chick-fil-a chicken mini’s. Seriously my all time favorite. The strawberry glazed donuts came from our local donut shop and all the fruit and mini quiche came from Costco.


The palm leaf plates we found at Home Goods and the super cute pineapple bowls are from Target.


We played two games during the shower. One was everyone guessing how big my belly was by cutting off a piece of this yarn. Once everyone had a strand cut I took their piece and measured it around myself. One of our friends actually cut their strand the exact size of my belly. The second game was trying not to say the word “baby” and if you did you had to give up your rattle necklace. These rattles were from Hobby Lobby and we just laced yarn in the handle to create a necklace. We gave away little gift bags from Bath & Body Works to winners of each game.

Another small detail you can add is having your guests write down their address on an envelope that way it’s already done for you.


I loved every detail from this shower and was so thankful for all who came and celebrated this sweet baby girl’s life!

xoxo kendra

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