Here Comes Baby

Today there are so many baby products for us to choose from and to be honest it can become a bit overwhelming. Before my daughter was born I read all kinds of articles, blog posts, and reviews over bottles, swings, bassinets, strollers, etc. Might I add that every baby is different and so what worked for one baby might have been horrible for another. That being said, I wanted to share the things that most generally had amazing reviews and have been life saving for us.

The Dockatot

This has been amazing for sleeping. The dockatot makes a baby feel secure as if they’re still in the womb. It snuggles around the baby perfectly and is extremely soft. The dockatot is also very light weight so it’s great for travel as well. The cover also coves right off and can be tossed in the washer.


The Owlet 

If I told someone to buy anything on this list it would be this. Yes, it’s expensie but in my book it’s totally worth it. The Owlet monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. Having this little sock gives us so much peace and allows us to sleep at night. The first night we were home from the hospital this sock alarmed us in the night that her oxygen level had dropped below 80% because she had spit up a lot and was choking. After that night I was sold on having this product because it was life saving. When the alarm goes off it is loud and there’s no way anyone could sleep through it. There is an app that is connected to the base so you have access to view the readings at any time.


4moms mamaRoo®4

This mamaRoo®4 swing is perfect for awake time and has also been very soothing during fussy times. This swing mimics they way that parents bounce and sway while holding a baby. It has 5 different movements, plays soothing sounds and can be connected to bluetooth as well. This swing has a soft plush cover that easily unzips for washing. 


Rock n Play 

The Rock ‘n Play swing by Fisher Price is also another great option that we have loved and is something that would be a lot more budget friendly. It sways side to side and has soothing sounds. The other great thing about this swing is that it can fold up and travel with you. When visiting friends and family it’s been a great thing to pack up and take with us. 


Miss Fong Diaper Bag

I love everything about this diaper bag. Miss Fong diaper bag is a dupe of the FAWN and I personally like it even better because it has the leather straps unlike the FAWN. This is a great quality bag for an amazing price. It has a ton of storage compartments and even has insulated pockets to keep your bottles cold/warm. 


HoMedics Sound Machine

When babies are in the womb its loud and sounds a lot like your vacuum cleaner or hair dryer when it’s running. Having a sound machine like HoMedics helps calm and soothe a baby and also promotes good sleep. Our favorite sound on this is the white noise.


There are so many amazing products out there and I could add a ton more but this is simply some of the things that we have used daily and have really liked a lot. I hope you find this useful and would love to know of other products that you moms have found to be great for your littles.

xoxo kendra

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