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It can be challenging finding certain pieces for your home when you already have a certain image of what you’re  wanting. This for me normally results in me going google and Pinterest crazy to figure out how to master my own DIY project.

My husband and I had been given this amazing coffee table but it was dated and needed a lot of love.


Heres the 4 things you need to create the same look. We got all of our products at Home Depot.

•liquid sand deglosser
•old rag or towel
•rust-oleum chalked paint (I used linen white)
• paint brush (I chose a vintage effect bristle)
•painters plastic
•plastic tray liner to pour your paint in


Since the wood had a gloss finish we first had to use a deglosser to remove it all first before painting it. We used a liquid deglosser by Klein Strip because we didn’t have an electric sander and found this to work much faster than using sand paper cubes or sheets. All we did was pour a little bit on a rag and rub in a circle motion until table had been completely covered.

Wait 10 minutes for it to dry.

Then it was time to paint! Since I was going for a vintage farmhouse look I used the Rust-Oleum “Chalked” ultra matte paint in the linen white. Pour some of it in a painters liner tray and get to painting. I tried to be smooth but quick making even strokes all around.

It starts to dry extremely fast. Within about an hour we were able to bring it inside!


It’s extremely easy and low budget so if you ever find an old piece never be afraid to try something new and make it into your ideal piece!





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